Tongue Twister ( PC & Android )


A collaborative project for the Global Game Jam 2017. Inspired by Flappy Bird, the player uses their own voice to raise and lower a note to collect points.


Procedural Town Builder – Squad Shooter Game

This game uses a basic tile-set and procedural algorithms to create a city. The player controls a group who can traverse the city using A* pathfinding. Animations use some inverse kinematics in order to give a more natural feel. Hits are tracked down to specific body-parts and effect relevant abilities, such as speed or shooting rate.

gangwar2 gangwar3 gangwar


VR Jetbike Arena Game

This game uses the HTC Vive to put players in the seat of a 300mph Jet-bike. Using the presence of the seat under the player and the visual of the bike in the game motion sickness is greatly reduced allowing the player to really feel like they are performing thrilling stunts at break-neck speeds!