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Author: Magos

Dwemer Gyro

I’ve wanted to make something out of Skyrim for a while, something iconic but relatively simple so I could actually finish a project for once. So after some consideration it became a toss-up between a Dwemer Gyro and Mehrunes’ Razor.   After a quick search I saw that there’s been a few people make the Razor such as Bill over at Punished Props. So… the Gyro it is. I’m not sure why but I’ve always been fascinated by the Dwemer, which I suppose is the point of them. The Gyro is the kind of curio I’d have in a display cabinet...

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The first attempts

So I get part way though my Normandy project and suddenly a new, better idea occurs to me. I’ve decided to document my third attempt as I work on it but in the mean time here’s the first attempts. So I’ve decided to lasercut the majority of this model, it’s the best, highest precision tool I have.  I don’t really trust my ability to sculpt or sand so I’ll be using these techniques as little as possible. First step was finding a good 3D model. A short search on-line and I’ve found a mesh ripped from the game, awesome....

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So What is this?

Welcome to the forge! I’ve been a hobbyist laser-cutting enthusiast for some time now so I’ve decided to create this site to showcase some of my work in progress, share what I’ve learned and also sell some of my creations!  ...

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